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Now that you've read what I have to offer, I'm ready to serve you. Below are my terms for payment and ordering. Please Note: The tiered deposit system is available for all orders over $501.00, if needed, upon request.  All orders $500.00 and under must be paid for upfront, no exceptions.

1. All orders will be paid for either entirely upfront or on a tiered deposit system, as follows:

- 80% deposit due upfront for the first order. No exceptions.

- 75% deposit due upfront on the second and the third order (If needed)

- 50% deposit due upfront upon continued work together. (If needed)

2. As it's not possible to take back the time that I've placed into producing my work, I do not offer refunds on my services. I will offer one free revision of the work produced, provided that the request is within reason. In order to help avoid revision requests, especially unreasonable revision requests, please do the following:

- Contact me via email with concise and clear directions. I need to understand exactly what your needs are, so that I can produce exactly what you need. 

  - Please keep your directions concise and to the point. Please do not include obscure and rambling streams of thought.

- Please understand that while I'm familiar with content writing, I'm not an SEO marketer. I'm not familiar with SEO technical terms.

3. Turn-Around Times: My typical turn-around  depends upon the work being requested. Simple jobs can typically be completed within a week. However, I can expedite requests for an extra fee. If I need more time, I will contact clients on a case by case basis, regarding their specific invoiced job.

Turn around times will be based upon the volume of work each request comes with and upon my current workload.  Higher volumes of work will require longer turn-around times. This will be discussed with each client upfront, before the project begins.

For your convenience, all payments will be processed via PayPal. Please use the PayPal payment button at the top right corner of my home page. As you can see, PayPal accepts all major credit cards for payment. Once payment has been received, you will receive a confirmation from PayPal, along with a payment invoice from me. If you have an existing PayPal account, you can move funds from your PayPal account into mine, no credit card needed.

*Please note that I charge a surcharge on my quoted service fees to my clients, because PayPal charges me to receive funds from my clients. Therefore, in order for me to receive the exact funds that I quote for my jobs, I charge my clients a 2.9% fee on their invoices. International customers will be charged a 3.9% fee on their invoices, as PayPal charges an extra 1% fee for international transfers of funds. The surcharge fee will be added to the subtotal of the client service invoice fee.

**International Clients: Please keep your currency conversion rates in mind, when converting your invoice fees into USD.

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