Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Your Online Copy: Perception Is The Key

When your prospects read your blog, your online website copy or your print copy, how do you imagine their reactions?

Can you imagine your sales prospects smiling to themselves after they read your copy? Would your copy make your readers fall over in laughter? Do you imagine them shaking their heads in agreement?

If you have shared a touching story, can you imagine your readers clutching their hearts with tears in their eyes? Or, can you imagine your readers taking a deep breath in anger?

If your copy was produced from a place of passion and resonance, then any of these outcomes could become a reality. On the other hand, if you're serving your prospects the same old tired drivel with a side-dish of blah, then all you'll probably generate are glazed stares, and wasted money.

You see, when people are bored with what you have to say to them, or when people feel patronized, they'll simply toss your print materials in the trash.

Do you like throwing money away on print marketing materials that no one cares about? Do you like wasting money on domain names and websites that does nothing to spark excitement, let alone spark sales? How would love to learn that your marketing materials are sitting at the bottom of someone's paper recycling, or shred basket?

Are you concerned about these outcomes? Did you suddenly feel an urge to check your accounting books, or your receipts? Did a lightbulb figuratively go off in your mind?

If so, that's great, because now we're getting somewhere!  I've made you feel a response.

Now, you're not only starting to understand the importance of getting your message out there, but you're also learning to present your message with relatability and PASSION.

Just because everyone else takes the boring and ineffective route doesn't mean that you have to! After all, what better way to set yourself apart, than to communicate with your customers, your prospects, and your vendors with a message they'll actually care about?

Do you really think that you'll increase your revenues if you can't inspire, or create desire in your customers? Why should anyone be excited about your products or services if you're not excited?

Maybe you simply don't know how to express your excitement or passion about your products or services. 

After all, you don't know what you don't know, right? But guess what? It's okay to wave your white flag, and ask someone to give you a hand. It's okay to reach out to someone who has the same goal as you do:

Reaching out to your prospects in a way that allows them to learn more about you, while developing a long-standing relationship.

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