Monday, October 15, 2012

Could Someone Claim You As Their "Virtual" Guru?

I recently read a series of newsletter emails from various bloggers. I receive their emails on a regular basis, because I subscribe to their blogs. Although I don't know any of these people personally, I've come to rely upon a handful of bloggers as my "virtual" gurus. This means that although I don't know these people, I have never seen these people and might not ever meet these people, I still rely upon the messages that they send within their newsletters, and within the content of their blogs.

Why have I  selected these bloggers to be my personal gurus? It's quite simple:

1. Their messages were written in a way that resonated with me. Not only are their messages easy to comprehend mentally, they reached me emotionally.

2. The tone of their messages created a response within me. I can't tell you how many times I read their messages, shaking my head in agreement, commenting out loud to myself, or wishing that I could spend all day reading what these bloggers/business people have to say!

3. Their messages reveal the personality of these bloggers/business people. For example, I'm a funny person. I love humor. When I read a blog, a newsletter, or copy of any sort, I give the writer "extra points" for making me laugh, while feeding my mind with useful information. I can think of one business blog and one business newsletter that I specifically subscribed to, because the message was intelligent, yet the writer made me laugh!

So, is the point of this message that you should be making your website, your email, or your print readers laugh? Not necessarily, although that strategy might not hurt! What I'm saying, is that most marketers and business owners make the mistake of spewing sales information at people, instead of trying to have a conversation with people.

I don't care how "touchy-feely" your business entity is, I don't care how passionate you are personally about your business opportunity. At the end of the day, all businesses want to make money. Let's be very honest about this. Therefore, the key to making more money, is to speak to your prospects in a way that they not only comprehend, but they can also feel and (Most importantly), respond to.  A prospect's positive response is what leads to revenue, right? What better way to create an emotional response in your prospects, than to feature written marketing copy that makes people view you as a trusted part of their lives, or their personal development?

Could someone claim you as their "virtual" guru? Is your product or service a necessary part of someone's life, or are you perceived as just one of many business entities "out there"?

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