Monday, July 21, 2014

Add A Twist Of Life To Your Content!

Just a quick note, letting potential clients know that my content schedule is opening up. Now would be a great time to order your customer relationship-building products, such as:

- Branding, and educational content (Content marketing)
- Story-telling content (Press releases, ebooks)
- Customer relations and service campaings (Social media, email marketing)

* I also offer tools that will help you to implement the marketing strategies you need. Simply click the buttons to the right.

Those buttons will help you with hosting your own website (Hostgator). You'll also be able to set up a top-notch email newsletter, or website subscription service (Aweber).

If you have questions or would simply like to drop me a line, contact me at Justaskwriter (at) gmail (dot) com!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

News Article Citations And Press Releases: Your "One-Two" Strategy For Authority And Publicity!

Getting right to the point, I'm putting together a highly efficient and effective online promotion strategy for my clients.

Have you ever heard of Local Business Citation Marketing?

Local Business Citation Marketing entails allowing others to find you on some of the most trusted news article websites. This takes place by connecting your business with a relevant news story. This is the direction that many SEO marketing companies are moving towards. However, while the SEO guys are great at helping their clients rank for certain keyword phrases, many of them have ZERO connections to writers who can produce informative, journalist-styled copy.

Luckily for you, you've found a writer who can produce this sort of copy for you! :D

I'm combing local business citation projects with press releases in order to provide my clients (You!) with a "one-two" strategy that is designed to send more traffic to your website, while producing an aura of "industry authority" on your behalf!

I'm extremely excited to have already produced this sort of project for an online medical supplier. The supplier's citation was tied into a highly-relevant story about an airdrop of medical supplies into war-torn Syria.

You can read the story here! 

I used a sub-contractor to post the story on their existing Examiner account but "yours truly" produced the story, on a "ghost-writer" basis.

By the way, the day that the story was published, it ranked NUMBER ONE for it's anchor-texted keyword on Google! 

If you're interested in seeing your business name cited within a  relevant online news story, contact me while my schedule is relatively open. It won't remain that way for very much longer!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Real-Life Copy Moment #1: It Wasn't Sexy, But It Made Me Feel SOMETHING

Yesterday I was walking by a parking lot. I saw a car that had a marketing magnet attached to the side of the driver's side door. Since I'm always on the lookout for marketing opportunities, I tried to find a pen to copy the phone number of the beauty product representative marketing their brand, via the car magnet.

Here's the interesting thing: I was looking at the car magnet, I felt a funny twitch in the bottom of my stomach. I didn't like the way that I felt when I looked at the graphics on the magnet.

The graphics featured a woman who frankly looked like a cold, stuck-up witch. The background of the magnet featured dark colors, and little orbs that represented stars.

There was no marketing message on the magnet besides the name of the company's brand, and the phone number to reach the representative. There were no redeeming qualities about this marketing magnet and worse, the look of the magnet made me feel turned-off and excluded.

Really, who would want to purchase products from a person who represented themselves to the public as cold, distant, barely available, and possibly a witch? I decided not to write down the phone number on the magnet. I felt that if the marketing message was a turn-off, then the marketer would be even worse to deal with.

But I will say this: The magnet made me feel SOMETHING.

I didn't feel positive, but I felt SOMETHING. The only thing worse than a poor marketing message is a marketing presentation that's flat as week-old soda!

When is the last time that you've thought about your marketing message? Many marketers and business professionals are brainwashed into thinking that if they simply put the message "out there", they'll become flooded with orders.  

How is that working for you? 

If it's not working out the way that you've hoped, then maybe it's time for you to change your strategy, so that you can stop wasting time and money, using the "Build it and they will come" strategy. ;)

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Is Your Sales Message A "Seductive Samantha", Or An "Obnoxious Olivia"?

Picture if you will, a gathering full of attractive singles. The atmosphere at the gathering is just right, and people are sitting on the couch, standing in various corners of the room, or they are mingling outside on the back patio. Some people might be standing on the front porch.

You get the idea.

You enter the gathering and after fixing yourself a drink, you have a seat on the couch. Before you work up the nerve to approach someone to start a conversation, you start to scan the room, in order to check out any possibilities with potential.

As you start to look around, your eyes become glued upon a woman who has taken up temporary "residence" at the dry bar.

This woman has to be the most fascinating woman that you've laid eyes on in a long time. What makes her so fascinating, so alluring, SO ATTRACTIVE, is in the way that she doesn't have to try to be attractive.

She seems to effortlessly attract men like bees to honey! She's not wearing the most flashy or trendy ensemble. Her hair is pulled back off of her face. She's not circulating around the room. Yet, something about her drives her admirers crazy with fascination! Therefore, they engage.

While you're watching this scene entranced from the couch, your line of vision suddenly becomes blocked by the sight of a woman wearing a neon pink, button-down halter top. She plunks herself down on the couch next to you, hip to hip.

She leans extremely close to your face, announces that her name is Olivia, and she forcefully leans in to take a hug from you! You stammer in shock, and mumble something to the effect of "Nice to meet you", although you're still trying to decide whether meeting Olivia is truly a nice thing!

Olivia sticks a business card with her phone number down the front of your shirt, and demands that you call her. Then, she starts to work the room, following one guy, laughing too loudly for another.

It's very obvious that Olivia has made it her mission in life to let every single guy in the room know she's available for engagement. She doesn't care how she gets her message across, as long as she's getting her message across.

Obviously, I'm using an analogy of two ladies at a gathering, in order to illustrate the importance of using the right type of customer engagement strategies.

"Samantha" wasn't as forceful or as demanding as "Olivia", but she was definitely more attractive. "Samantha" was very confident and comfortable in her own skin. She understood what would work for her, in order to be viewed as attractive.

On the other hand, she wasn't cold or aloof; She was warm, considerate, and appealing.  "Olivia" in this analogy was obnoxious and forceful, because she was insecure, and lacking in social skills. She also lacked general respect for the people she reached out to.

Ask yourself how you'd like to be perceived by your online site visitors, and by your current customers. Is your online message attractive, considerate, warm, alluring and inviting?

Or, is it a forceful, obnoxious, offensive, cold, aloof, boring turn-off? Is your online business message a "Samantha", or an "Olivia"?

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Your Online Copy: Perception Is The Key

When your prospects read your blog, your online website copy or your print copy, how do you imagine their reactions?

Can you imagine your sales prospects smiling to themselves after they read your copy? Would your copy make your readers fall over in laughter? Do you imagine them shaking their heads in agreement?

If you have shared a touching story, can you imagine your readers clutching their hearts with tears in their eyes? Or, can you imagine your readers taking a deep breath in anger?

If your copy was produced from a place of passion and resonance, then any of these outcomes could become a reality. On the other hand, if you're serving your prospects the same old tired drivel with a side-dish of blah, then all you'll probably generate are glazed stares, and wasted money.

You see, when people are bored with what you have to say to them, or when people feel patronized, they'll simply toss your print materials in the trash.

Do you like throwing money away on print marketing materials that no one cares about? Do you like wasting money on domain names and websites that does nothing to spark excitement, let alone spark sales? How would love to learn that your marketing materials are sitting at the bottom of someone's paper recycling, or shred basket?

Are you concerned about these outcomes? Did you suddenly feel an urge to check your accounting books, or your receipts? Did a lightbulb figuratively go off in your mind?

If so, that's great, because now we're getting somewhere!  I've made you feel a response.

Now, you're not only starting to understand the importance of getting your message out there, but you're also learning to present your message with relatability and PASSION.

Just because everyone else takes the boring and ineffective route doesn't mean that you have to! After all, what better way to set yourself apart, than to communicate with your customers, your prospects, and your vendors with a message they'll actually care about?

Do you really think that you'll increase your revenues if you can't inspire, or create desire in your customers? Why should anyone be excited about your products or services if you're not excited?

Maybe you simply don't know how to express your excitement or passion about your products or services. 

After all, you don't know what you don't know, right? But guess what? It's okay to wave your white flag, and ask someone to give you a hand. It's okay to reach out to someone who has the same goal as you do:

Reaching out to your prospects in a way that allows them to learn more about you, while developing a long-standing relationship.